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Week 10: Architecture: The Wedge


In my design I would take the 2 pillars and lay them down to really open up the walkway and viewing space. I think it would look more aesthetically pleasing and also can be used as a long table since there are already concrete slabs as benches to sit on. It will really open up the area and create a nice scenery. A small tradeoff would be that people would still probably have to walk around it, but it is not as tight as slipping through a one person crack. It is a very cool concept but I don’t think it was the brightest idea to put it in the middle of a very busy walkway. So instead of removing it, we could just lay it flat. I think it will be a popular topic for sure, but I’d imagine the flow of traffic would be much more spread out and not so constricted with the bottle neck effect. I also think if we layed the slabs down flat, a lot of skaters would probably use the edges to perform skate tricks on it.


Week 9 Artist Conversation: Vanessa Olivarez

This week I talked to Vanessa Olivarez and her exhibit located in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Vanessa is from Long Beach and is a senior majoring in sculpting. Alot of her work involved power point projections with sad lyrics written on them. She included a karaoke setup with very sad lyrics. When I asked her about the meaning of the content of the lyrics she explained to me that her intent was to create a safe space for feelings. She wanted to emphasize that it is ok to feel sad sometimes and you shouldn’t hide it or be ashamed to feel what you feel. She mentioned that karaoke usually involves very happy songs and she wanted to change that up by putting some more sad lyrics in it to flip the script a little bit. She also explained it represents contemporary life is full of distractions for us to numb the feeling of being sad like using our computers, phones and social media. In a sense it is like filling a void. I really thought this approach was interesting because I have seen posts about how we are ultimately distracting ourselves from the bad in the world and almost in a sense turning the other cheek and ignoring it. She also mentioned it represents the feeling of being alone in a crowded room, so there is definitely the feeling of isolation going on. In her free time she likes to make videos and has also created a small art exhibit in her apartment for a small showing for her and her friends.

Week 9: Grafitti Painting


I painted my graffiti art with Courtney Clyde this week! As an added twist we challenged each other to paint our names with our left hands. Although it’s not the prettiest writing, I still consider myself lucky I can still read it for using my left hand. It was a pretty cool experience since I have never spray painted before. Me and Courtney decided to paint together because apparently you need to be 21 years old to buy paint at an arts and crafts store (I’m 21). I only had 2 colors to work with and not much cardboard, I definitely wouldn’t mind to try this out with more colors next time and maybe make a better looking art piece of my name with palm trees that I could maybe frame and put it in my room!

Classmate Conversation Week 8: Mark De Artola


This week I had the pleasure of talking to Mark. We are both taking anatomy and have the same lab together. We talked about our upcoming test we are having on Wednesday and how difficult we think it will be. We agreed we are gonna start studying with eachother and form a group to ace this practicum. He also showed me his ID card he drew with a preying mantis on it. It was really well drawn and I suggested that he become an artist!

Finger Painting


This was the first time I have finger painted probably since preschool. The experience was fun, and kind of relaxing. I just put on some of my favorite music that I vibe to and just went with the motions of my hand. I didn’t really have a specific goal or expected outcome, but halfway into it, I was feeling like I was painting a space-like background. It was a pretty easy assignment and it was pretty much what I expected with it. I like the flow of painting and I definitely felt a connection using my fingers as a brush. The experience of painting an abstract piece was definitely a fun, relaxing one. There are no errors, you just learn to work with whatever you throw onto the canvas. I don’t really have another painting to compare to mine as there are so many abstract paintings out there. But I would say some similarities would be the mixing of different colors and just turning nothing into something. You can really see the flow of paint in some other art works.

Week 7: Artist Conversation #5: Andrea Mejia


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Mejia. Andrea is a fifth year student at CSULB in the BFA printmaking program. Andrea is from Downey, CA and expects to graduate in the Fall 2017 semester. She had originally started as a business major but dropped out of her major due to difficulty with math. She then found most of her time was being consumed by art, so she decided to become an art major. She mentioned her motto that she lives by is “whatever happens, happens”.

Pictured above is her art piece, Alexander or Alex for short. Alex is a character from her comic that she is currently creating. She decided to enter him in the group printmaking show under the title of “infinite cities”. Alex is a superhero character who is dedicated to protecting his city from the various evils that tries to destroy the city. Andrea mentioned the motivation behind her comic was that she enjoys writing fictional stories as a way of escaping and almost like getting lost in another world.

Week 6: Artist Conversation #4 Carmina


Artist: Carmina
30″ x 30″
CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

I chose to do Carmina’s art work of memes.

The year is 2030. Memes have officially taken over the world. There are many hidden passages through meme terminology. Memes are being taught in school and you must be able to pass a meme test to gain citizenship into the United States. This photo is standard meme testing material and you must be able to name off every meme in this picture and state its origin and the year when it was first created. If you fail you must go to a mandatory meme workshop. Meme police are enforcing the streets to ensure everyone has read up on their memes. Meme life is a lifestyle that has taken over the world.


Week 6: Zine


This was a fun activity! I really enjoyed making something like this because the potato example reminded me of the Forrest Gump scene where Bubba was explaining the many different ways to make shrimp. I included all the different ways to make a shrimp plate with some examples like shrimp salad, shrimp soup, shrimp gumbo & shrimp burgers. Due to being short on time, I printed out the pictures. But next time I would like to draw them myself and color them in. Maybe use a higher quality paper as well.

Week 5: Artist Conversation #3 Joshua Thomen


Artist: Joshua Thomen

Exhibition: Inprocess

Media: Studio Art

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Josh and experiencing his art work. Josh is a third year art student here at CSULB. He had originally started in graphic design but switched to sculpting.

When I first walked into Josh’s exhibit, it was very reminiscent of a graveyard. His tombstone like blocks with ceramic dolls and animals in it was definitely something I was not expecting. It was a dark room with wind chimes playing in the background. Josh had explained that the wind chimes represent a sense of calmness and that it was something he was familiar with hearing because he has wind chimes at his house. The art work was created around the time of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Josh had explained the importance of creating art during times of turmoil or controversy.

The art pieces he made represent a feeling of being stagnant or stuck. The ceramic figures were entrapped in a cement block which was a representation of how he feels. The exhibit was set up in a certain pattern and the reason was to see how people would walk through the exhibit itself. This also reveals that the backside of the exhibit was completely different from the front. This art work was also an exploration of a more masculine side to Josh’s work.

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