3 possible future me’s

  1. What I think I’ll be doing: Nurse in a hospital
  2. Work in a fitness facility
  3. Start a Youtube series involving fitness/developing a brand


  1. I would achieve this goal by finishing my degree here at CSULB then move on to probably a nursing specialty school. I’d get an internship at a hospital and gain experience. Life in this future would be financially stable and safe. And it comes with great benefits and insurance.
  2. I would work somewhere in a fitness facility like a physical therapy or sports rehab center. I’m not sure what life would be like but I enjoy helping others recover. I’d have to get an internship to get my foot in the door.
  3. My dream life would be to start and launch a successful Youtube career. I would then move on to creating a fitness brand with a large fanbase. I could travel around the world to all the fitness expo’s and meet all the fans all while earning a generous income. Getting paid for something  I love doing.


  1. Nurse

Confidence: 7 Resources: 8 Impact: 7 Satisfaction: 7

2. Fitness facility

Confidence: 5 Resources: 6 Impact: 6 Satisfaction: 6

3. Fitness Youtube Career/Brand

Confidence: 3 Resources: 5 Impact: 10 Satisfaction: 10

Pictured above is my ideal plan on how I think I would need to follow to achieve a Youtube career.