This was definitely a very interesting experience! I really enjoyed doing the 1.5 minute contour drawing of my hand. I am not used to drawing without actually looking at the paper so this one was a challenge. However, it reminded me that I had to trust myself that if I followed the lines there would be something on the paper afterwards. It wasn’t the prettiest drawing but you can make out that I drew a hand. (Success). The no erasing rule was getting to me as well! I am so used to using an eraser and even found myself instinctively about to use the eraser when I saw some crooked lines on my paper but I didn’t use it since this is what this assignment was all about. Loving your lines. I also tried to draw the flow of the water as represented to the right of my drawing of my hand. I also sketched out an umbrella which I messed up on with the proportion of it, along with some fish which turned out ok. For the representation aspect I drew multiple lines to represent the leaves/branches on the trees and for the abstraction part I drew many swirls and scribbles to represent the bushes and rocks in the garden. My favorite was the 5 minute sketch, as I just sketched my point of view of the entire garden. I got the balcony, some trees and the pond along with the walkway. Overall a very fun and chill environment for a project! Definitely enjoyed this one a lot.