Artist: Sam Mederos

Exhibition: Elbow Mill

Gallery: Werby gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Sam Medero’s exhibit was a hands on exhibit but didn’t really demonstrate visual art, but rather the beauty of the game of chess. His variation of chess was a little different. Sam had explained his love for chess and the beauty that came with it. He mentioned how his exhibit was a chessboard but instead of playing with typical chess pieces, you must use pegs with small needles in them and you must stab your piece into place on the wooden board. This definitely takes more effort to play. He explained how he likes to play chess in calm settings, however this exhibit demonstrates the battlefield and dominance when playing chess. He said that this project was based off of an old Chinese game called Go, where users would slam their pieces onto a wooden grid to make  move, often used as an intimidation factor. He said how chess was a perfect game to show a quiet war, and the slamming of the pieces really brings out those inner emotions often associated with chess.