(Will update on artist name soon)

This artist based most of his work on his late mother and has a heavy influence from Islam. He created an exhibit called “Geometry of Grief” because his mother had passed away recently. He had a very close relationship with his mother and used his grief as an art form of expression. This was an extremely touching exhibit because I too, lost my mother but at a much earlier age. He is a 4th year student. The cloth stitching he has encased was created by his mother with influences of the violin. He mentioned how he saw the violin as expressing human sorrow. Much of his art work is based around geometry because he explained that geometry in Islam represents perfection created by God. He emphasized the many patterns in many Islamic designs. The most touching piece to me was the hanging violin piece. He explained that the violin hanging represents his mother and transitioning into the afterlife with a nature background. However, the shadow that the violin makes on the background represents the void he feels about losing his mother, and mentioned as if he lost a piece of himself. He has channeled his grief into creating beautiful and touching art pieces.