Brittany Waters

CSULB Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Artbywaters

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing Brittany’s great art exhibit while also raising awareness about the topic it presented. Brittany is a senior here at CSULB and is raising awareness about how we treat our beaches and that it is #MoreThanJustASandbox !

I really enjoyed Brittany’s exhibit because it is a real life look on what is going on and definitely raises awareness. To physically see how sea turtles migrate into the ocean is one of natures beauty taking place. It is ashamed they are endangered and I feel like there is definitely not enough recognition for this issue. Brittany did an awesome job setting up and illustrating the life of a sea turtle and offers a really interesting look on beaches. Most people go to the beach and have fun and don’t really think about the creatures already living there. Brittany mentioned that we cannot co-exist with such fragile creatures and I agree. We need to really take a look at what we are doing to our environment as far as the pollution issue and the destruction of habitats.