In my design I would take the 2 pillars and lay them down to really open up the walkway and viewing space. I think it would look more aesthetically pleasing and also can be used as a long table since there are already concrete slabs as benches to sit on. It will really open up the area and create a nice scenery. A small tradeoff would be that people would still probably have to walk around it, but it is not as tight as slipping through a one person crack. It is a very cool concept but I don’t think it was the brightest idea to put it in the middle of a very busy walkway. So instead of removing it, we could just lay it flat. I think it will be a popular topic for sure, but I’d imagine the flow of traffic would be much more spread out and not so constricted with the bottle neck effect. I also think if we layed the slabs down flat, a lot of skaters would probably use the edges to perform skate tricks on it.