This week I talked to Vanessa Olivarez and her exhibit located in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Vanessa is from Long Beach and is a senior majoring in sculpting. Alot of her work involved power point projections with sad lyrics written on them. She included a karaoke setup with very sad lyrics. When I asked her about the meaning of the content of the lyrics she explained to me that her intent was to create a safe space for feelings. She wanted to emphasize that it is ok to feel sad sometimes and you shouldn’t hide it or be ashamed to feel what you feel. She mentioned that karaoke usually involves very happy songs and she wanted to change that up by putting some more sad lyrics in it to flip the script a little bit. She also explained it represents contemporary life is full of distractions for us to numb the feeling of being sad like using our computers, phones and social media. In a sense it is like filling a void. I really thought this approach was interesting because I have seen posts about how we are ultimately distracting ourselves from the bad in the world and almost in a sense turning the other cheek and ignoring it. She also mentioned it represents the feeling of being alone in a crowded room, so there is definitely the feeling of isolation going on. In her free time she likes to make videos and has also created a small art exhibit in her apartment for a small showing for her and her friends.