This was the first time I have finger painted probably since preschool. The experience was fun, and kind of relaxing. I just put on some of my favorite music that I vibe to and just went with the motions of my hand. I didn’t really have a specific goal or expected outcome, but halfway into it, I was feeling like I was painting a space-like background. It was a pretty easy assignment and it was pretty much what I expected with it. I like the flow of painting and I definitely felt a connection using my fingers as a brush. The experience of painting an abstract piece was definitely a fun, relaxing one. There are no errors, you just learn to work with whatever you throw onto the canvas. I don’t really have another painting to compare to mine as there are so many abstract paintings out there. But I would say some similarities would be the mixing of different colors and just turning nothing into something. You can really see the flow of paint in some other art works.