This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Mejia. Andrea is a fifth year student at CSULB in the BFA printmaking program. Andrea is from Downey, CA and expects to graduate in the Fall 2017 semester. She had originally started as a business major but dropped out of her major due to difficulty with math. She then found most of her time was being consumed by art, so she decided to become an art major. She mentioned her motto that she lives by is “whatever happens, happens”.

Pictured above is her art piece, Alexander or Alex for short. Alex is a character from her comic that she is currently creating. She decided to enter him in the group printmaking show under the title of “infinite cities”. Alex is a superhero character who is dedicated to protecting his city from the various evils that tries to destroy the city. Andrea mentioned the motivation behind her comic was that she enjoys writing fictional stories as a way of escaping and almost like getting lost in another world.