Artist: Joshua Thomen

Exhibition: Inprocess

Media: Studio Art

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Josh and experiencing his art work. Josh is a third year art student here at CSULB. He had originally started in graphic design but switched to sculpting.

When I first walked into Josh’s exhibit, it was very reminiscent of a graveyard. His tombstone like blocks with ceramic dolls and animals in it was definitely something I was not expecting. It was a dark room with wind chimes playing in the background. Josh had explained that the wind chimes represent a sense of calmness and that it was something he was familiar with hearing because he has wind chimes at his house. The art work was created around the time of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Josh had explained the importance of creating art during times of turmoil or controversy.

The art pieces he made represent a feeling of being stagnant or stuck. The ceramic figures were entrapped in a cement block which was a representation of how he feels. The exhibit was set up in a certain pattern and the reason was to see how people would walk through the exhibit itself. This also reveals that the backside of the exhibit was completely different from the front. This art work was also an exploration of a more masculine side to Josh’s work.