Artist: Megan Macuen

Exhibition: Untitled 1-3

Media: weaving, sculpture, 4D

Gallery: CSULB school of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA

Instagram: MMacuen

On Wednesday I was able to meet artist Megan Macuen. Megan Macuen is a grad student at CSULB and has been working with weaving, sculpting, painting and drawing for as long as she could remember. One explanation of her artwork using the netting at the bottom was inspired by a recurring nightmare she had as a child. She explained that in her nightmare she would be going down a slide and at the bottom of the slide there was a net that would catch her. She also mentioned there were skeleton pirates all around her but she didn’t include that part.

When I asked her about what her inspiration for her art was I was surprised at her response. She had basically said that she has no inspiration and just goes with the flow of what she is feeling. She mentioned that she lets her hands and mind do all the work. I really like the art piece with the softballs and how she mentioned that is her representation of athleticism in her artwork.  She mentioned how this piece represented a teather ball with mop heads and a pulley system. She used the mop head so it would be easily identified.

Megan’s insight was very helpful, as I would have not understood what her art pieces meant if it weren’t for her explanations. With her explanations, the pieces spoke to me and I was able to appreciate them much more.