This week I talked to Courtney. I can’t believe it took this long to talk to her because it turns out that we are in the same anatomy class and she works at a different department at the rec center on campus.

We began to talk about our classes and how we didn’t have much time to do alot of other things since anatomy takes up most of our time. I found out Courtney is really into working out and is an avid rock climber. She rock climbs at the rec center. She is also hoping that the Falcons win the Superbowl.

She was telling me that her death scenario would be due to faulty rock climbing equipment where she would ultimately end up falling to her death. I told her that my death was probably going to be in a car accident, where I would get T-boned by a large SUV. I saw Courtney today at the rec taking pictures as if she fell and died. it was pretty funny because people passing by had no idea what was going on and might have thought she was crazy.