This week I met Alex and Danielle.

Alex is a junior here at CSULB and from northern California. He is 20 years old and I found out he is also interested in bartending like me. I also figured out that his parents own a winery and are brewing their own craft beer! He also was a former sunglasses salesperson. He is also an aspiring orthodontist.

Danielle is a health science major and currently works at a school with kindergarteners. I found out she maybe wants to get into nursing as a career option. We got into a conversation about Kanye West since I was wearing one of his tour shirts. She went to one of his shows in Las Vegas!

All 3 of us started talking and we got into a conversation about different types of shoes that we all thought were really cool. We also agreed that Kanye West has probably gone insane, but we still like his music. During the time I was able to meet these two I saw how down-to-earth they really are. I am glad I was able to meet them! After class was over we exchanged numbers and kept talking until we had to go to our separate classes. I can tell we are gonna have a fun semester together and I am really looking forward to it.