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Week 15: Design Thinking Applied to Life

3 possible future me’s

  1. What I think I’ll be doing: Nurse in a hospital
  2. Work in a fitness facility
  3. Start a Youtube series involving fitness/developing a brand


  1. I would achieve this goal by finishing my degree here at CSULB then move on to probably a nursing specialty school. I’d get an internship at a hospital and gain experience. Life in this future would be financially stable and safe. And it comes with great benefits and insurance.
  2. I would work somewhere in a fitness facility like a physical therapy or sports rehab center. I’m not sure what life would be like but I enjoy helping others recover. I’d have to get an internship to get my foot in the door.
  3. My dream life would be to start and launch a successful Youtube career. I would then move on to creating a fitness brand with a large fanbase. I could travel around the world to all the fitness expo’s and meet all the fans all while earning a generous income. Getting paid for something  I love doing.


  1. Nurse

Confidence: 7 Resources: 8 Impact: 7 Satisfaction: 7

2. Fitness facility

Confidence: 5 Resources: 6 Impact: 6 Satisfaction: 6

3. Fitness Youtube Career/Brand

Confidence: 3 Resources: 5 Impact: 10 Satisfaction: 10

Pictured above is my ideal plan on how I think I would need to follow to achieve a Youtube career.


Week 15 Classmate conversation


This week I met Yuritzi Chavez! She is a super cool girl! She’s a human development major here at CSULB and is in her third year here. She currently does not work but has worked for a long time in retail at Aeropostale and Kohl’s! This was pretty cool finding this out because I was recently thinking about getting a job in retail and was looking for an inside opinion for someone who has worked retail. She is currently trying to become a physician assistant and is currently doing an internship at Health Co. After college her plans are to go to grad school at USC or UC Davis! I also found out that she doesn’t like to work out but it’s okay because she is still a really awesome person. Some of her interests involve sleeping, eating out, and hanging out with friends.

Classmate Convo: Andrew Hoang

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew! Andrew is from Fresno and is a 4th year psychology major here at CSULB. He used to be a music major during his first year but had a change of heart and switched into psychology. He was explaining how he loves to talk to people, as well as listen and help people with their problems so psychology was a no brainer for him. Andrew works at Hiccups boba in Long Beach. Some of his hobbies include hanging out with friends, playing League of Legends and watching TV. We found out that we are both really big fans of a show called Rick & Morty and were talking about the latest episode and how awesome it was. He is also a Game of Thrones fan! We went of on a tangent talking about Rick & Morty for so long that we actually forgot to take a picture with each other.

Sketching in the Japanese garden

This was definitely a very interesting experience! I really enjoyed doing the 1.5 minute contour drawing of my hand. I am not used to drawing without actually looking at the paper so this one was a challenge. However, it reminded me that I had to trust myself that if I followed the lines there would be something on the paper afterwards. It wasn’t the prettiest drawing but you can make out that I drew a hand. (Success). The no erasing rule was getting to me as well! I am so used to using an eraser and even found myself instinctively about to use the eraser when I saw some crooked lines on my paper but I didn’t use it since this is what this assignment was all about. Loving your lines. I also tried to draw the flow of the water as represented to the right of my drawing of my hand. I also sketched out an umbrella which I messed up on with the proportion of it, along with some fish which turned out ok. For the representation aspect I drew multiple lines to represent the leaves/branches on the trees and for the abstraction part I drew many swirls and scribbles to represent the bushes and rocks in the garden. My favorite was the 5 minute sketch, as I just sketched my point of view of the entire garden. I got the balcony, some trees and the pond along with the walkway. Overall a very fun and chill environment for a project! Definitely enjoyed this one a lot.

Week 13 Artist Conversation: Sam Mederos

Artist: Sam Mederos

Exhibition: Elbow Mill

Gallery: Werby gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Sam Medero’s exhibit was a hands on exhibit but didn’t really demonstrate visual art, but rather the beauty of the game of chess. His variation of chess was a little different. Sam had explained his love for chess and the beauty that came with it. He mentioned how his exhibit was a chessboard but instead of playing with typical chess pieces, you must use pegs with small needles in them and you must stab your piece into place on the wooden board. This definitely takes more effort to play. He explained how he likes to play chess in calm settings, however this exhibit demonstrates the battlefield and dominance when playing chess. He said that this project was based off of an old Chinese game called Go, where users would slam their pieces onto a wooden grid to make  move, often used as an intimidation factor. He said how chess was a perfect game to show a quiet war, and the slamming of the pieces really brings out those inner emotions often associated with chess.

Week 13 Classmate Convo: Moreen Meng


This week I talked with Moreen! I had actually met Moreen around the first few weeks of class but we never actually did our classmate convo until now. She is a sophomore here at CSULB and is originally from Sacramento. Moreen is really smart too because she has a 3.8 GPA. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends and go to the beach and just chill out. We made ourselves choose a couple of words that best describe us and she picked spontaneous and awesome! I can agree with this because right after class ended we went to go get some food at Beach Wok! She is definitely a very cool person!

Week 11: Artist Convo

(Will update on artist name soon)

This artist based most of his work on his late mother and has a heavy influence from Islam. He created an exhibit called “Geometry of Grief” because his mother had passed away recently. He had a very close relationship with his mother and used his grief as an art form of expression. This was an extremely touching exhibit because I too, lost my mother but at a much earlier age. He is a 4th year student. The cloth stitching he has encased was created by his mother with influences of the violin. He mentioned how he saw the violin as expressing human sorrow. Much of his art work is based around geometry because he explained that geometry in Islam represents perfection created by God. He emphasized the many patterns in many Islamic designs. The most touching piece to me was the hanging violin piece. He explained that the violin hanging represents his mother and transitioning into the afterlife with a nature background. However, the shadow that the violin makes on the background represents the void he feels about losing his mother, and mentioned as if he lost a piece of himself. He has channeled his grief into creating beautiful and touching art pieces.


Week 11: Classmate Convo


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Maria and Adrian!

Maria went to Warren high school and is currently a first year student here at CSULB. She is majoring in Communications with a minor in history and plans to get her masters in poli sci. She works for assembly member Cristina Garcia as a program coordinator which is super cool! Some of her interests include going to concerts, playing softball/soccer and watching TV. Some of her favorite shows are Game of Thrones and Sherlock!

Adrian also went to Warren high school and is a 5th year at CSULB. He plans to graduate this semester with a degree in construction engineering and management. Some things Adrian likes to do in his free time is go to concerts, hit up the bars and hang out with friends on the weekend. He also works at Performance Construction Inc as the assistant project engineer!

Week 10 Artist convo: Brittany Waters

Brittany Waters

CSULB Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Artbywaters

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing Brittany’s great art exhibit while also raising awareness about the topic it presented. Brittany is a senior here at CSULB and is raising awareness about how we treat our beaches and that it is #MoreThanJustASandbox !

I really enjoyed Brittany’s exhibit because it is a real life look on what is going on and definitely raises awareness. To physically see how sea turtles migrate into the ocean is one of natures beauty taking place. It is ashamed they are endangered and I feel like there is definitely not enough recognition for this issue. Brittany did an awesome job setting up and illustrating the life of a sea turtle and offers a really interesting look on beaches. Most people go to the beach and have fun and don’t really think about the creatures already living there. Brittany mentioned that we cannot co-exist with such fragile creatures and I agree. We need to really take a look at what we are doing to our environment as far as the pollution issue and the destruction of habitats.


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